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Marginal Notes
1. This Act may be cited as the Assisted Schools and Training Colleges (Supplementary Provisions) Act, No. 8 of 1961.
2. Application of the Act.
3. Notice relating to property-liable to vesting.
4. Vesting Order in respect of property.
5. Power to lodge objections in respect of any Vesting Order.
6. Effect of Vesting Order.
7. Property vested in the Crown may be used for the purpose of a school.
8. Vesting Orders not to be void or invalid by reason of any determination on a reference to arbitration.
9. Vesting Orders to be final and conclusive.
10. Divesting Orders.
11. No compensation payable in respect of any property vested in or divested by the Crown or for any loss incurred by any person by reason of such vesting or divesting.
12. Taking possession of property vested in the Crown.
13. Prevention of, or obstruction or resistance to, taking possession of property for and on be-half of the Crown.
14. Authorized person entitled to enter and take possession of any property notwithstanding that the requirements of any notice under section 12 are not complied with.
15. Director may exercise, perform and discharge the powers, duties and functions of the proprietor of any school to which this Act applies. Cap. 185.
16. Power of entry to schools to which this Act applies.
17. Ejectment by the Fiscal of persons in occupation of the premises of any school to which this Act applies, and prohibition of undesirable persons from entering such premises.
18. Obstruction or resistance to any person in the exercise of any power, &c., under sub-section (2) of section 3.
19. Power of Director to make good any loss or repair any damage, or to prepare an estimate of the cost of making good such loss or repairing such damage, to school property and to recover the cost or the estimated cost of making good such loss or repairing such damage from the proprietor of that school.
20. Arbitration.
21. Certain sales, disposals, &c. of property to be deemed to be null and void.
22. Amendment of the principal Act.
23. Discontinuance from service of teachers on the staff of unaided schools within the meaning of the principal Act.
24. Manner of effecting service of notices.
25. Regulation of establishment of new schools.
26. Regulations.
27. Penalties for offences.
28. Offences committed by body corporate.
29. Offences to be cognizable offences. Cap. 20.
30. No prosecution or suit to lie against the Minister, Director or any officer or other person.
31. Provisions of this Act to prevail over other written law.
32. Power of Director to delegate powers, duties and functions.
33. Interpretation.