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Marginal Notes
1. This Act may be cited as the Bail Act ,No 30 of 1997.
2. Grant of bail to be the guiding principle in implementing this Act.
3. Provisions of this Act not to apply in respect of offences committed under certain laws.
4. Persons committing or concerned in the commission of a bailable offence to be released on bail.
5. Persons committing or concerned in the commission of non-bailable offence to be released discretion
6. Release of persons when a bailable offence is being investigated by the police.
7. Manner in which a person suspected or accused of a bailable or non-bailable offence may be released on bail.
8. Discharge from custody.
9. Power to order sufficient bail when that first taken is insufficient.
10. Determining whether a person is a sufficient surety.
11. Quantum of bond.
12. Person released to give address at which notices and process may be served on him.
13. No bail for an offence Punishable with death except by a judge of the High Court.
14. Reasons for which court may refuse bail or cancel a subsisting order for release.
15. Reasons to be given for refusal cancellation rescinding or varying an order relating to granting of bail
16. No person to be detained for more than twelve months in custody.
17. How period of detention may be extended.
18. Discharge of sureties.
19. Appellant to be released on giving security.
20. Release on bail upon acceptance of appeal from High Court.
21. Anticipatory bail.
22. Conditions to be attached to order.
23. Effect of person released on anticipatory bail being thereafter arrested.
24. Conditions subject to which anticipatory bail may be granted.
25. A police officer may interrogate or arrest on a warrant an applicant an respect of whom an application under section 21 is pending.
26. Issuing of warrant requiring presence of persons released on anticipatory bail
27. Provisions of this Act to prevail in case of conflict or inconsistency.
28. Sinhala text to prevail in case of inconsistency.
29. Interpretation.