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Marginal Notes
1. This Act may be cited as the Promotion of Export Agriculture Act, No. 46 of 1992
2. Application of the Act.
3. Appointment of officers and servants.
4. Powers and duties of officers.
5. Registration of dealers in export agricultural crops.
6. Power to require maintenance of records and the furnishing of returns.
7. Powers of Director to call for information.
8. Power of Director to enter and inspect lands or buildings where notified agricultural crops are processed or stored.
9. Research in export agricultural crops.
10. Levy of cess on notified agriculture crops.
11. Director deemed to be a prescribed officer under the Crown Lands Ordinance.
12. Offences.
13. Penalties.
14. Offence by bodies of persons.
15. Regulations.
16. Amendments in written law and documents consequential to the change of designation of the Department of minor Export Crops.
17. Savings for contracts & c.
18. Sinhala text to prevail in case of inconsistency.
19. Interpretation.