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Marginal Notes
1. This Act may be cited as the Prevention of Offences relating to Sports Act, No. 24 of 2019.
2. Objects of the Act.
3. Secretary to enter into agreements, & c.
4. Offence of match fixing in sports.
5. Offence of corruption in sports.
6. Offence of illegal manipulation in sports.
7. Offence of illegal betting in sports.
8. Aiding, abetting, attempting, & c., to be an offence.
9. Penalty for an offence under section 4, 5, 6, 7 or 8.
10. Failure to disclose information to be an offence.
11. Failure to co-operate etc., in relation to an investigation to be an offence.
12. Failure to maintain confidentiality by a service provider to be an offence.
13. Making false allegations to be an offence.
14. Offences by a body of persons.
15. Interpretation.
16. Disclosing information to the Secretary, & c.
17. Secretary or Director of Sports to refer information to the Unit.
18. Disclosing connections with betting operators to the Secretary or Director of Sports.
19. Offences under this Act to be investigated under the provisions of the Code of Criminal Procedure Act.
20. An offence under Chapter I of Part II to be a cognizable and non-bailable offence.
21. Appointment of the Special Investigations Unit.
22. Disclosure of conflict of interest.
23. Investigation of offences by the Unit.
24. Powers of the Unit.
25. Institution of criminal proceedings.
26. Unit to enter and search premises or persons.
27. Preservation of information.
28. Seizure of any device not to hamper its ordinary use.
29. Issuing a list of seized documents, & c.
30. High Court to try offences under Chapter I of Part II.
31. Duty to maintain secrecy.
32. Service providers to maintain confidentiality.
33. Maintenance of code of ethics.
34. Reward Fund.
35. Protection for acts done in good faith.
36. Provisions relating to extradition arrangements.
37. Amendment of the Extradition Law, No. 8 of 1977.
38. Interpretation in relation to the Extradition Law.
39. Regulations.
40. Interpretation.
41. Sinhala text to prevail in case of inconsistency.