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Acts & Ordinances
Marginal Notes
1. Short title and date of operation
2. Institution of actions
3. Cause of action in a Small Claims Court
4. Abandonment of portions of the claim
5. Where a plaint is presented to a wrong court
6. Pleadings
7. Filing of plaint
8. Affidavit and exhibits to be attached to a plaint
9. Issue and service of summons
10. Judgment against the defendant, if he admits the claim of the plaintiff
11. Answer and requisites of answer
12. Affidavit and exhibits to be attached to the answer
13. Replication
14. Where the claim in reconvention is beyond monetary jurisdiction of the Small Claims Court
15. Service of answer and replication together with affidavits and documents
16. Amendment of pleadings
17. Where a party to the action requests for commissions, reports, certified copies and discovery of documents
18. Discovery, production, inspection, protection or admittance of the genuineness of documents
19. Interrogatories
20. Documents discovered during the proceedings to be produced together with affidavit
21. Settlements
22. If no settlement, case to be fixed for trial
23. Trial
24. Small Claims Court may summon any witness or require the production of any document where the parties are at variance
25. Proof of documents unnecessary unless it is impeached
26. Judgment and decree
27. Expeditious disposal of proceedings
28. Default of parties
29. Appeal and stay of execution pending appeal
30. Evidence Ordinance to apply to proceedings
31. Casus omissus
32. A special roll
33. Transitional Provisions
34. Interpretation
35. Sinhala text to prevail in case of inconsistency