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Marginal Notes
1. This Act may be cited as the Recovery of Possession of Premises Given on Lease Act, No. 1 of 2023.
2. Action by the lessor to recover possession of a premises given on lease
3. Grounds for institution of action
4. Documents to be filed
5. Entering a decree nisi by the Court
6. Liquidated damages
7. Payment of service charge
8. Service of decree nisi ordinarily to be by registered post
9. Service of decree nisi by a process officer
10. Service of decree nisi on a public officer
11. Date to be specified in the decree nisi for the defendant to apply to the Court for leave to appear
12. Defendant to appear and show cause only upon leave and security
13. Security to be furnished by the defendant
14. Security ordered to be deposited within two weeks
15. Making the decree nisi absolute, by the Court
16. Order making a decree nisi absolute on default not appealable, but may be set aside
17. Procedure where leave to appear and show cause is granted
18. Originals of documents filed to be made available to court for examination
19. Award of compensation
20. Surrender of possession of the premises by the defendant, & c
21. Discharge of a decree nisi or dismissal of an action not to bar any subsequent action
22. Decree absolute deemed to be a writ of execution
23. Resistance deemed to be contempt
24. Change of possession or status quo of the premises by the defendant after institution of action
25. Preferring appeals against an order of the Court
26. Casus omissus
27. Forms
28. Recovery of unsettled utility bills or service charges due as at the time of execution of the decree
29. A special register and special inquiry roll to be maintained
30. Applicability of other laws
31. This Act to be applicable for lease agreements executed prior to the commencement of this Act
32. Actions pending on the date of commencement of this Act
33. Saving other remedies
34. Nonapplicability of the Rent Act
35. Effect of legal representative being made a party
36. Offences by a body of persons
37. Regulations
38. Interpretation
39. Sinhala text to prevail in case of inconsistency