Section No :  
Legislative Enactments
Marginal Notes
1. This Ordinance may be cited as the Church of England Ordinance.
2. Authorization for Bishop, clergy, and laity of Church of England to hold synods.
3. Bishop to fix time and place of first synod.
4. Synod, assembly or convention to consist of Bishop, licensed priests, and representatives of the laity.
5. Baptized laymen of twenty-one years of age and subscribing to declaration to vote for representatives of laity.
6. How laity to be represented.
7. First synod to determine when subsequent synod to be held.
8. Synod may, subject to certain conditions, change its constitution.
9. First synod to appoint Incorporated Trustees.
10. Right, title, interest, power, and control over all churches with appurtenances to fee absolutely vested in Incorporated Trustees of the Church of England.
11. Provisions for vesting of property of Church of England pending appointment of Incorporated Trustees.
12. Power to make regulations enabling congregations to pass a resolution to vest the church in the Incorporated Trustees.
13. Church to vest in Incorporated Trustees on such resolution being passed. Resolution to be published in the Gazette.
14. Interpretation.
15. Appointment and resignation of Bishops and vacancies in the see.
16. Incorporation of Bishop of Colombo and devolution of property vested in Bishop of Colombo and his successors.
17. Continuation of Church of England in Ceylon, and interpretation of expressions relating thereto.