Section No :  
Legislative Enactments
Marginal Notes
1. This Act may be cited as the Assisted Schools and Training Colleges (Special Provisions) Act, No.5 of 1960.
2. School to which this Act applies.
3. Power of Minister to appoint the Director as the manager of certain Assisted schools.
4. Effect of the making and publication of an Order under section 3.
5. Proprietor of any assisted grade I or Grade II school may elect to administer such school as an unaided school.
5A. Financial assistance to unaided schools. [ 2,65 of 1981]
6. Special provisions applicable to the proprietor of a school which by virtue of an election made under section 5, is an unaided school.
7. Right of the proprietor of an Assisted school to request the Director to take a poll for the purpose of determining whether the school should be administered as an unaided school.
8. Provisions regarding the taking of a poll for the purposes of any election required by section 7.
9. Power to make regulations regarding the holding of polls for the purpose of any election required by subsection (2) of section 7 and the counting of votes given at such poll.
10. Duty of Minister on receipt of certificate as to the result of a poll taken for the purposes of any election required by subsection (2) of section 7.
11. Power of the Minster to make an Order appointing the Director as manager of an unaided school.
12. Person obstructing the Director guilty of an offence under this Act.
13. Powers, duties and functions of Director in his capacity as manager of an Assisted school may be exercised, performed or discharged by certain other officers.
14. Regulations.
15. Offences and penalties.
16. Act to prevail in case of conflict with other written law.
17. Interpretation.