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Legislative Enactments
Marginal Notes
1. This Law may be cited as the Associated Newspapers of Ceylon, Limited (Special Provisions) Law.
2. Special provisions relating to the company carrying on business under the name of the Associated Newspapers of Ceylon Limited.
3. Limitation on the number of shares of the company which may be held by any person.
4. Compensation in respect of shares of the company which are vested in the Public Trustee.
4A. Interest to be paid on compensation due.[2, 35 of 1981]
5. Sale of shares of the company vested in the public Trustee to members of the public.
6. Special Provisions in respect of certain matters.
7. Disqualifications for being a Director or the company.
8. Vacation of Office by Directors of the company.
9. Public Trustee's powers, &c, pending constitution of the first Board of Directors of the company after the appointed date.
10. Limitation of transfer of shares of the company.
11. Restrictions regarding revocation, &c, of the memorandum and articles of association of the company.
12. Power of Public Trustee to issue directions to the Board of Directors of the company.
13. Power of the Board of Directors of the company to repudiate liabilities under certain contracts.
14. Sums of money ordered to be paid by courts for acts committed prior to appointed date may be paid out of compensation payable under section 4.
15. Notice before actions are instituted on claims arising before appointed date.
16. Special provisions relating to the audit of the accounts of the company.
17. Power to make regulations.
18. This Law to prevail over certain instruments, the Public Trustees Ordinance, and the Companies Ordinance.
19. Interpretation.