Section No :  
Legislative Enactments
Marginal Notes
1. This Ordinance may be cited as the Arbitration Ordinance.
2. All civil matters may be referred to arbitration.
3. Arbitration may be compulsory or voluntary.
4. Power of court to direct arbitration.
5. Court may determine any question of law upon which allowance of any item of account may depend.
6. Power to send back to arbitrators.
7. If action commenced by one party after all have agreed to arbitration, court may slay proceedings.
8. Proceedings before, and power of such arbitrator.
9. Power of arbitrators appointed under order of court or in pursuance of submission which may be made on rule of court.
10. When arbitrators may administer oath; false oath before them made perjury.
11. Award to be made in three months unless parties or court enlarge time.
12. Award must be signed by partly making, and submitted with proceedings, depositions, and exhibits.
13. Arbitrators may state their award in the form of a special case.
14. When court may modify or correct an award.
15. When court may remit award.
16. Setting aside of awards.
17. Judgment upon awards. Appeal.
18. Proceedings on awards not made a rule of court.