Section No :  
Legislative Enactments
Marginal Notes
1. This Ordinance may be cited as the Weights and Measures Ordinance.
2. Appointment of Warden of the Standards, Deputy Warden of the Standards, Examiner of Standards and superintendent of weights and measures. [2,7 of 1971] (2,16 of 1979]
3. Local authorities. [3, 7 of 1971]
4. Appointment of inspection
5. The International System of Units shall be the base units of measurement. [3, Law 24 of 1974]
6. Definitions of units of measurement. [3,24 of 1974]
7. Weights and measures authorized for use in trade. [3, Law 24 of 1974]
13. Weights and measures in Third Schedule declared to be authorized weights and authorized measures. [5, Law 24 of 1974]
14. Sri Lanka standards.[ 7, Law 24 of 1974]
15. Custody and verification of Sri Lanka standards
16. Secondary standards.
17. Working Standards. [ 10, Law 24 of 1974]
18. Revision of working standards for the use of inspectors.
19. Periodical verification of working standards. [10,7 of 1971]
20. Provision of weighing and measuring instruments for use by inspectors.
21. Judicial notice of standards.
22. All contracts, sales, Ac. and collection of fees or duties to be in terms of authorized units of measurement. [12,24 of 1974]
23. Only weights and measures specified in the third Schedule to be used for trade-[13, Law 24 of 1974]
24. Use of authorized weights For sale of articles,[14, Law 24 of 1974]
25. Use of weight or measure the denomination of which is not stamped thereon.
26. Use of weighing or measuring instrument the capacity of which is not stamped thereon.
27. Seller to weigh or measure article if required.
28. Prohibition on sale of weight,&c.,not stamped by inspectors.
29. Prohibition of use of weights, measures, or instruments not stamped by inspectors.
30. Use of measures of capacity.
31. Prohibition of sale, manufacturer or repair of weights, measures. &c, except under licence. [13,7 of 1971]
32. Periodical examination of weights measures and instruments.
33. Stamping of mark of verification.
34. Weights, &c, stamped by inspectors to be legal weights, ,in Sri Lanka.
35. Power of inspectors to enter premises and inspect weights, &c. [14,7 of 1971]
35A. Power of police officers to enter certain premises and to inspect weights, measures, weighing and measuring instruments. [15,7 of 1971]
35B. Power of price control inspectors to enter certain premises and to check any weighing or measuring of goods. [3,16 of 1979]
36. UK of unstamped standards, &c, by inspectors, [16, 7 of 1971]
37. inspectors not to derive profit from making or selling weights, &c.
38. Disposal of fees.
39. Registers to be kept by inspectors.
40. inspectors to give security.
41. Sale, use and possession of unstamped weights, &c.
42. Forgery of stamp or mark used by inspectors, and tampering with stamped weighing or measuring instruments.
43. Manufacture of weights, &c. without licence. [19,7 of 1971]
44. Refusal to produce weights, &c. for inspection.
44A. Containers of certain articles to have weight or measure printed on such containers.[20 7 of 1971]
44B. False, incorrect or untrue declaration or statement, &c.[15, Law 24 of 1974]
44C. Use or possession of weights, &c., which are not in conformity with regulations relating to composition, &c. [20,7 of 1971]
44D. Use of possession of any weight or measure which is not just. [20, 7 of 1971]
45. Breach by inspectors.
46. General penalty.
47. Forfeiture of weights, &c.
48. Evidence of possession.
49. Sanction for prosecution, [4, 16 of 1979]
50. Payment of fines to local authorities.
51. Saving for Chapter XIII of the Penal Code.
52. Local inquiries by Deputy Warden or superintendent. [21,7 of 1971]
53. Settlement of disputes
54. Use of measures- [16,24 of 1974]
54A. Certificate of Warden, Deputy Warden or Examiner to be prima facie evidence of facts stated therein. [22,7 of 1971]
55. Regulations.
56. Interpretation.