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Acts & Ordinances
Act No Act Title Sinhala Tamil English
7 Bail (amendment) act
14 Code of criminal procedure (amendment) act
11 Colombo port city economic commission act
20 Consumer affairs authority (amendment)
15 Convention against torture and other cruel inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment (amendment) act
17 Coronavirus disease 2019 (covid - 19) (temporary provisions) act
2 Employment of women young persons and children (amendment) act
6 Evidence (amendment) act
4 Factories (amendment) act
18 Finance act
12 Fiscal management (responsibility) (amendment) act
10 Inland revenue (amendment) act
8 Intellectual property (amendment) act
3 Minimum wages (indian labour) (amendment) act
16 National minimum wage of workers (amendment) act
5 Penal code (amendment) act
21 Petroleum resources act
19 Securities and exchange commission of sri lanka act
1 Shop and office employees (regulation of employment and remuneration) (amendment) act
13 Sri lanka land development corporation (amendment) act
9 Value added tax (amendment) act
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2021 Constitution
Revised Edition
2015 Constitution
Revised Edition
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