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Acts & Ordinances
Act No Act Title Sinhala Tamil English
36 Appropriation
19 Betting and gaming levy (amendment)
25 Births and deaths registration (amendment)
34 Buddhist Temporalities (Amendment)
2 Code of criminal procedure (special provisions)
33 Convention against doping insport act
3 Convention on the suppression of terrorist financing (amendment)
9 Customs (amendment)
29 Defence services command and staff college (amendment)
1 Divineguma
6 Economic service charge (amendment)
7 Excise (amendment)
12 Finance
15 Fiscal management (responsibility) (amendment)
35 Fisheries and aquatic resources (amendment)
26 Hanguranketha madanwala rajamaha vihara development foundation (incorporation)
18 Inland revenue (amendment)
23 Kandyan marriage and divorce (amendment)
30 Local authorities filling of vacancies (special provisions)
22 Marriage registration (amendment)
24 Muslim marriage and divorce (amendment)
11 Nation building tax (amendment)
13 Notaries (amendment)
28 Parliamentary scholarship board (repeal)
5 Ports and airports development levy (amendment)
14 Powers of attorney (amendment) -
21 Registration of documents (amendment)
27 Registration of electors (special provisions)
10 Resettlement authority (amendment)
32 Science and technology development (amendment)
4 Society of the ceylonese brothers of st. joseph
31 Sri lanka electricity (amendment)
16 Strategic development projects (amendment)
20 Tax appeals commission (amendment)
8 Telecommunication levy (amendment)
17 Value added tax (amendment)
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2022 Constitution
Revised Edition
2021 Constitution
Revised Edition
2015 Constitution
Revised Edition
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