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Acts & Ordinances
Act No Act Title Sinhala Tamil English
32 Appropriation (amendment) act
30 Appropriation act
27 Assistance to and protection of victims of crime and witnesses (amendment) act
15 Ceylon german technical training institute act
8 Civil procedure code (amendment) act
2 Divineguma (amendment) act
7 Economic service charge (amendment) act
25 Electronic transactions (amendment) act
4 Engineering council sri lanka act
11 Fisheries and aquatic resources (amendment) act
12 Foreign exchange act
24 Inland revenue act
26 Judicature (amendment) act
3 Land (restrictions on alienation) (amendment) act
28 Local authorities (special provisions) act
16 Local authorities elections (amendment) act
31 Local authorities elections (amendment) act
1 Medical (amendment) act
18 Motor traffic (amendment) act
20 Municipal councils (amendment) act
13 Nation building tax (amendment) act
6 National transport commission (amendment) act
9 Office on missing persons (establishment, administration and discharge of functions) (amendment) act
22 Pradeshiya sabhas (amendment) act
29 Prevention of crimes (amendment) act
17 Provincial councils elections (amendment) act
10 Registration of electors (special provisions) act -
23 Regulation of insurance industry (amendment) act
5 Revocation of irrevocable deeds of gift on the ground of gross ingratitude act
19 Sri lanka sustainable development act
14 Sugathadasa national sports complex authority (amendment) act
21 Urban councils (amendment) act
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2022 Constitution
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2021 Constitution
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2015 Constitution
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