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Acts & Ordinances
Act No Act Title Sinhala Tamil English
0 Twenty first amendment to the constitution
1 Mahapola higher education scholarship trust fund (amendment) act
2 Code of criminal procedure (amendment) act
3 Prohibition of anti-personnel mines act
4 Judicature (amendment) act
5 Civil procedure code (amendment) act
6 Provincial councils (transfer of stamp duty) (amendment) act
7 Fauna and flora protection (amendment) act
8 Intellectual property (amendment) act
9 Personal data protection act
10 Workmen's compensation (amendment) act
11 Land development (amendment) act
12 Prevention of terrorism (temporary provisions) (amendment) act
13 Value added tax (amendment) act
14 Surcharge tax act
15 Sri shakyasinharama viharastha karyasadhaka sanvidanaya (incorporation) act
16 Sri lanka electricity (amendment) act
17 Civil procedure code (amendment) act
18 Code of criminal procedure (amendment) act
19 Industrial disputes (special provisions) act
20 Sisira jayakody siyapatha foundation (incorporation) act
21 Appropriation (amendment) act
22 Industrial disputes (amendment) act
23 Termination of employment of workmen (special provisions) (amendment) act
24 Industrial disputes (amendment) act
25 Social security contribution levy act
26 Sri lanka rupavahini corporation (amendment) act
27 Petroleum products (special provisions) (amendment) act
28 Powers of attorney (amendment) act
29 Wills (amendment) act
30 Prevention of frauds (amendment) act
31 Notaries (amendment) act
32 Registration of documents (amendment) act
33 Small claims courts procedure act
34 Judicature (amendment) act
35 High court of the provinces (special provisions) (amendment) act
36 Civil procedure code (amendment) act
37 Kandyan marriage and divorce (amendment) act
38 Code of criminal procedure (amendment) act
39 Children and young persons (amendment) act
40 Dangerous animals (amendment) act
41 Poisons, opium and dangerous drugs (amendment) act
42 Appropriation (amendment) act
43 Appropriation act - 2022
44 Value added tax (amendment) act
45 Inland revenue (amendment) act
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2022 Constitution
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2021 Constitution
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2015 Constitution
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