Section No :  
1980 Revised version
Marginal Notes
1. This Act may be cited as the Air Navigation Act.
2. Power to grant exemption from operation of Act.
3. Power to give effect to chicago Convention and to regulate air navigation.
4. Nuisance caused by aircraft on aerodromes.
5. Infringement of patents.
6. Exemption of aircraft and parts thereof from seizure ,&c., on patent claims.
7. Special powers in case of emergency.
8. Establishment of aerodromes.
9. Trespass. Nuisance, and responsibility for damage.
10. Penalty for dangerous flying.
11. Wreck and salvage.
12. Power to provide for investigation and accidents.
13. Indication of presence of obstructions near aerodromes.
13A. Power to exercise control over land in the interests of aviation. [2, 42 of 1964.]
14. information to air transport undertakings and use of customs aerodromes.
15. Licensing of air transport and commercial flying.
16. Provisions of Warsaw Convention to have force of law.
17. Actions against High Contracting Parties who undertake carriage by air.
18. Application of section 16 and First Schedule to carriage by air which is not international.
19. Definition of Warsaw Convention.
20. Appointment of Director of Civil Aviation.
21. Delegation of powers by Minister.
22. Expenses.
23. Fees, & c, to be Paid into Consolidated fund.
24. Regulations.
25. Further matters which may be provided for by regulations.
26. Power to provide for detention of aircraft.
27. Power to provide for certain transitional matters.
28. Regulations must be published in the Gazette.
29. Regulations must be laid before Parliament.
30. Power to apply to aircraft provisions of law relating to detention of ships.
32. Jurisdiction.
33. Proof of instrument made or issued by Minister.
34. Offences.
35. Penalties.
36. Power of court to order forfeiture.
36. Offences to be cognizable and to be Enable by Magistrates.
38. interpretation.
40. Savings of certain regulations.
41. Non- application of the Act and the orders and regulations or made thereunder.