Section No :  
1980 Revised version
Marginal Notes
1. This Act may be cited as the Fisheries (Regulation of Foreign Fishing Boats) Act.
2. Administration of the Act.
3. Armed forces to co-operate in implementation and enforcement of Act.
4. Prohibition of fishing and related activities by foreign fishing boats.
5. Foreign fishing boats entering Sri Lanka waters without a permit to stow gear.
6. Foreign Fishing boat permits.
7. Minister may reserve areas of Sri Lanka waters for fishing by Sri Lanka fishermen and local fishing boats.
8. Conditions of foreign fishing boat permits.
9. Director's power to vary certain conditions in the permit.
10. Director's power to suspend or cancel permits.
11. Appeal to the Minister.
12. Fishing for research or scientific purposes.
13. Powers of authorized officers.
14. Protection of action.
15. Contravention of provisions of section 4 or section 5 an offence.
16. Non- compliance conditions of permit to be an offence.
17. Obstruction of authorized officers, & c.
18. Power of court to order forfeiture.
19. Disposal of forfeited goods.
20. Compounding of offences.
21. Release of boat against bond or other security.
22. Boat to be held pending payment of fines, & c.
23. Presumption.
24. Jurisdiction of the Courts.
25. Service of notice, summons or other document.
26. Minister's power to make regulations.
27. Interpretation.