Section No :  
1980 Revised version
Marginal Notes
1. This Act may be cited as the Agrarian Services Act.
2. Circumstances in which tenant of paddy land is regarded as its tenant cultivator.
3. Landlord to furnish particulars.
4. Order determining the maximum extent of paddy land.
5. Rights of tenant cultivators; provision in regard to certain evicted tenants of paddy lands; and restriction of eviction of tenants of paddy lands.
6. Procedure in eviction.
7. Nominations of successor to tenant cultivator's rights.
8. Devolution of rights of tenant cultivator in the absence of nomination of successor and in cases of cultivation jointly or in rotation.
9. Commissioner to decide disputes regarding devolution of rights to tenant cultivator.
10. Curators.
11. Transfer and cession of rights of tenant cultivator.
12. Effect of transfer of rights of tenant cultivator.
13. Where there is no successor to inherit a tenant cultivator's rights.
14. Person not entitled to rights of a deceased tenant cultivator in respect of any extent of paddy land not to occupy and use such extent.
15. Power of Commissioner to appoint tenant cultivator.
16. Non-cultivation of any extent of paddy land to be notified to the landlord and the Commissioner,
17. Rent to be determined by the commissioner.
18. Consequence of failure by tenant cultivator to payment,
19. when rent is not payable.
20. Time and place for paying rent and when rent commences to be in arrear.
21. Tenant cultivator to inform landlord of the dates for harvesting and removal of paddy.
22. To whom rent is payable.
23. Provisions applicable where rent is paid through the Agrarian Services Committee to the landlord or to his authorized agent.
24. Receipts to be given for payment of rent.
25. Interest to be paid on rent in arrear.
26. Recovery of rent and interest in arrear-
27. Terms and conditions of loans by prescribed banks,
28. Section - 28
29. Action by prescribed bank where default is made.
30. Priority of charge created by loan made by prescribed bank.
31. Prescribed bank not precluded from other methods of recovery.
32. Debt Conciliation Ordinance not to apply to debts due to a prescribed bank.
33. Duties of owner cultivators or occupiers relating to the forming and management of agricultural land.
34. Standards of good management.
35. Order placing owner cultivator or occupier under Commissioner's supervision.
36. Orders of Dispossession,
37. Vacation of land referred to in Order of Dispossession.
38. Eviction of failing to vacate land.
39. Appointment of Commissioner of Agrarian Services and Deputies and Assistants.
40. Commissioner to issue identity cards.
41. Commissioner to be subject to general direction of the Minister.
42. Commissioner to make rules.
43. Agrarian Services Committees
44. Secretary.
45. Register of agricultural lands.
46. Functions and powers of the Agrarian services Committees.
47. Procedure for recovery of acreage levy.
48. Powers of the Commissioner.
49. Agrarian Services Committee scheduled institution within the meaning of the Bribery Act.
50. Officers and servants of an Agrarian Services Committee deemed to be public servants,
51. Power to borrow money,
52. Appointment of servants or agents.
53. Agrarian Services Committee exempt from stamp duty and fees.
54. Exemption from tax.
55. Appointment of Cultivation Officers and their powers and functions.
56. Offences and penalties relating to irrigation.
57. Cultivation rights of owner cultivator or occupier
58. Penalties.
59. No suit to lie against members of Agrarian Services Committee, ;c.
60. Agrarian Services Fund.
61. Compulsory acquisition of agricultural land.
62. Purpose for which a paddy land may be used.
63. Hearing of appeals pending before Board of Review under the Lands Law, No. 42 of 1973.
64. Persons authorized to prosecute.
65. Commissioner to have powers of a District Court.
66. Regulations.
67. Repeals and savings.
68. interpretation.