Section No :  
1980 Revised version
Marginal Notes
1. This Act may be cited as Requisitioning of Land Act.
2. Power to take possession of land.
3. Continuation of occupation of land requisitioned under the Defence Regulations.
4. Occupation and use of requisitioned land [3,55 of 1961.]
5. Compensation payable in respect of requisitioned land.
6. Amount of compensation.
7. Interest on compensation
8. Provision as to land subject to mortgage.
9. Claims for compensation.
10. Dispute as to right to compensation.
11. Settlement of award as to compensation.
12. appeal from award.
13. Protection of rights to compensation under Defence Regulations.
14. Application of Ordinance No. 21 of 1944.
15. Construction of section 2 of the special Ordinance.
16. Exclusion of damage compensation where the special Ordinance applies.
17. Compensation upon acquisition of land where possession is taken under section 2. [ 5, 55 of 1961.]
18. Appointment of competent authority.
19. Certificate that land is required under this Act.
20. Service of notices.
21. Regulations.
22. Interpretation.