Section No :  
1980 Revised version
Marginal Notes
1. This Ordinance may be cited as the Antiquities Ordinance.
2. Property in antiquities.
3. Payment by the State of market value of certain antiquities
4. Agreement as to appointment of antiquities, without payment by the state.
5. Dispute as to market value or apportionment of antiquities,
6. No excavation except upon licence from Archaeological Commissioner,
7. Application for licence to excavate.
8. Grant or refusal of Licence to excavate.
9. Terms of licence.
10. Duty of licensee in respect of discoveries.
11. Withdrawal of licence without compensation.
12. Appeal against refusal or withdrawal of licence to excavate.
13. immunity of state from claims for loss or damage.
14. Discovery of antiquities otherwise than under licence to excavate.
15. Offences relating to discovery of antiquities.
16. Declaration of a monument dating to period prior to 1850 as an ancient monument.
17. Declaration of specified trees as ancient monuments.
18. Notification of protected monuments.
19. Previous notice of intention to declare an ancient monument to be a protected monument.
20. Agreements in regard to protected monuments.
21. No restoration & c of protected monument except upon permit.
22. Refusal or revocation of permit under section 21.
23. Power of Archaeological Commissioner to restore, repair, &c, protected monuments.
24. Prohibition or restriction of building mining, & c, in vicinity of certain monuments.
25. Claim for compensation by owner of land affected by regulations under section 24.
26. Establishment of compensation board.
27. Decision of the board after inquiry.
28. Powers of the board.
29. Appeal to District Court from decision of the board and procedure thereon.
30. Hearing of appeal by the court and its powers.
31. Penalty for destruction, desecration, & c of ancient monuments.
32. Further offences.
33. Archaeological reserves.
34. Encroachments, & c., on archaeological reserves.
35. Ejectment of person convicted under section 34,
36. Prohibition of export of antiquities except upon licence.
37. Applications for licence to export antiquities.
38. Appeal against refusal of licence.
39. Acquisition by museum of antiquity sought to be exported.
40. Powers of Archaeological Commissioner.
41. Duties of Archaeological Commissioner.
42. Power of inspection.& c. of antiquities.
43. Authorization-of Government Agents and other officers to exercise powers of Archaeological Commissioner.
44. Penalty for breach of Ordinance or regulation, where no other penalty provided.
45. Determination of disputes under sections 5 and 39.
46. Informer's Share of fines imposed under the Ordinance.
47. Regulations.
48. Interpretation.
49. The Lost property Regulation not to apply to antiquities.