Section No :  
1980 Revised version
Marginal Notes
1. This Act may be cited as the Arts Council of Ceylon Act.
2. Establishment and general objects of the council.
3. Council to be a body corporate.
4. Contribution to the council by government.
5. Power to acquire and hold and property
6. Application of property moneys, & c.
7. Constitution of the council.
8. Term of office of members.
9. Vacation of office.
10. Meetings of the council.
11. The executive committee of .the council.
12. Appointment of panels.
13. Appointment of owners and servants.
14. Funds of the council
15. Accounts of the council.
16. Minutes of the council, & c.
17. Books to be kept at the head office.
18. Annual report.
19. Acts of the council, executive committee, or panels valid notwithstanding subsequent discovery of vacancy, disqualification, & c.
20. Seal of the council
21. instruments not, requiring seal of council.
22. Remuneration & c., of members.
23. Rules of the council.