Section No :  
1980 Revised version
Marginal Notes
1. This Act may be cited as the Ceylon Railway Daily-paid Workers Benevolent Association (Incorporation) Act.
2. Incorporation.
3. General objects.
4. Committee of Management.
5. First Committee of Management.
6. Election of office-bearers.
7. Qualifications of the Secretary and the Treasurer.
8. Duties of the Committee.
9. Meetings of the Committee.
10. who shall preside, quorum, & c.
11. Vacancies how filled.
12. Duties of the Secretary.
13. Duties of the Treasurer.
14. Membership.
15. Register of members.
16. Books of account. [ 3, Law 10 of 1975.]
17. Remuneration of members of the Committee.
18. Power to make rules.
18A. Power of General Manager of Railways to make, amend or rescind rules of the Corporation. [ 5, Law 10 of 1975.]
19. General meetings.
19A. Power of General Manager of Railways to summon general meetings of the Corporation. [ 6, Law 10 of 1975.]
20. Annual general meeting.
21. Who shall preside at general meetings.
22. Security from officers and servants.
23. Property to be held by the Corporation.
24. Debts due by and payable to the Corporation
25. Power to hold property
26. Funds of the Corporation, how to be accounted paid out and invested.
27. Appointment of officers and agents.
28. Seal of the Corporation.
29. Corporation may not sell, exchange, or mortgage, land without leave of court.
30. Powers vested in the Secretary to the Ministry. [ 8, Law 10 of 1975.]
30A. Secretary to the Ministry to direct appointment of Special Committee of Administrators in the event of mismanagement by the Committee. [ 9, Law 10 of 1975.]
31. Winding up of the Corporation.
32. Savings of the rights of the Republic and others.