Section No :  
1980 Revised version
Marginal Notes
1. This Ordinance may be cited as the Railways Ordinance.
2. Appointment of General Manager and other officers and clerks.
3. Rules.[2,20 of 1971.]
4. Rules to be laid before Parliament
4A. Operation of rules relating to charges fur conveyance of passengers and goods. [4,20 of 1971.]
5. Fares to be prepaid. Passenger tickets to be given up on demand,
6. Fare to be accepted conditionally.
7. Penalties for certain offences.
8. Enforcing payment of fare by passenger not producing ticket
9. Fine for entering carriage in motion or riding on the step.
10. Smoking. &c, and chewing of betel prohibited.
11. Persons afflicted with smallpox or other contagious disease not allowed to travel
12. Penalty for intoxication or nuisance.
13. Penalty for entering private room or carriage.
13A. Penalty for occupying seats clergy [ 2, 7 of 1966]
14. Fine for riding on engine, tender, or luggage van.
15. Liability for goods lost, destroyed, or injured.
16. Notification of claims to compensation for loss or to refunds of overcharges.
17. Goods accepted conditionally.
18. Carriage of goods of a dangerous nature.
19. Written account of goods to be given on demand.
20. Penalty for giving no account or false account.
21. Remedy for non-payment carriage of goods.
22. Examination of articles from overseas received by the railway at Talaimannar for the purpose of customs duty.
23. Penalty for removing stakes or pegs, or declaim marks.
24. Penalty for damage, willful or negligent.
25. Penalty for removing documents or notices.
26. Obstructing engine or carriages, or endangering safety of passengers.
27. Penalty for wilful Act or omission endangering passenger.
28. Penalty for rash or negligent act.
29. Penalty for a drunkenness or breach of duty by railway officials.
30. Breach of rules
31. Penalty for trespass.
32. Precaution if the railway cross a road. [ 2,41 of 1961,]
33. "Minor crossings
34. " Occupation crossings ".
34A. Power of railway official to enter upon any land and cut down trees.
35. Penalty for driving an animal upon or across the railway
36. Liability of owner of trespassing animals
37. Rules for the construction of the Ordinance
38. Apprehension of offenders.
39. Jurisdiction of Magistrates.
40. Cases may be tried before Magistrates courts, though otherwise beyond their jurisdiction
41. Punishment of children for breach of Ordinance
42. A copy and translation of Ordinance to be exhibited at railway stations.
43. Rebate to be granted on freight.
44. Interpretation.