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1980 Revised version
Marginal Notes
1. This Ordinance may be cited as the Vehicles Ordinance.
2. Exclusion of mechanically propelled vehicles other than tram cars from certain provisions of the Ordinance.
3. Application for a licence. [ 30. 60 of 1961.]
4. Proper authority to issue licence after inquiry.
5. Licences to be made out in counterfoil.
6. References to grama seva niladharis,
7. Register of licences. Extract there from prima facie evidence.
8. Number plate to be issued at the time when any vehicle is licensed.
9. Custody of licence.
10. Notice of transfer to be given.
11. Notice to be given of vehicle destroyed or rendered unfit for use.
12. Proper authority may issue licence in place of one lost or destroyed.
13. New licence for the succeeding year.
14. New licence not to issue till previous license has been returned.
15. Power to cancel, withdraw or suspend licence.
16. The Minister may make regulations as to vehicles. [ 30, 60 of 1961.]
17. Regulations to be published in the Gazette.
18. Penalty for breach of regulations
19. Liabilities of owners of vehicles.
20. Not liable for loss of certain of goods above fifty rupees unless delivered as such.
21. Increased rate charges for such goods.
22. Carriers to give receipt. Penalty in case of neglect.
23. No publication of notice to limit liability in respect of other goods to have effect.
24. Any owner may be sued
25. Parties entitled to damages may also recover extra charges.
26. Owner liable for thefts committed by his servants, &c.
27. Owner liable to such damages only as proved
28. Time within which parcels brought by coaches should be delivered.
29. Parcels, &c, to be delivered within fourty-eight hours distance be beyond four miles.
30. Parcels directed to be left till called for.
31. Parcels not directed to be left till called for.
32. Rate of labourer's hire for parcels exceeding fifty pounds.
33. Penalty on taking more than the above rates.
34. Goods sent by carts to be delivered within twenty-four hours.
35. Lighting of vehicles.
36. Warning of the approach or position of vehicle to be given.
37. Persons under seventeen not to drive.
38. Rules of the road.
40. Penalties for commission of certain acts.
41. Further penalties in case of licensed vehicle.
42. Further Penalty in case of licensed vehicle.
43. Further penalties in respect of licensed carts or coaches.
44. Misbehaviour of person in charge of vehicle.
45. Penalty on person refusing to pay hire or defacing or injuring any vehicle.
46. Proof of licence to be on the accused
47. Informer's share of penalty.
48. Limitation of prosecution.
49. Appropriation of stamp duty or tax.
50. Interpretation.