Section No :  
1980 Revised version
Marginal Notes
1. This Act may be cited as the Health Services Act.
2. The Department of Health.
3. Appointment of officers, &c..
4. Health Council.
5. Health services, institutions and general facilities.
6. Health districts.
7. Death statistics and annual report.
8. General supervisory or directory power in relation to local authorities
9. Constitution of regional hospital board.
10. Regional hospitals board: functions and procedure.
11. Hospital committees.
12. Powers, duties, &c. of hospital committee.
13. Meetings, &c., of hospital committee.
14. Annual report of hospital committee.
15. Limitation of authority of hospital committee.
16. Representation of hospital committee on regional hospitals board.
17. Exercise of functions of hospital committee by regional hospitals board.
18. Vacation of office of members of regional hospitals board or hospital committee.
19. Allowances to members of hospital boards and committees.
20. Procedure for transaction of business.
21. Continuation in employment of members of the Department of Medical and Sanitary Services.
22. Amendment of other written laws &c.
23. Savings for contracts, &c..