Section No :  
1980 Revised version
Marginal Notes
1. This Ordinance may be cited as the Vaccination Ordinance.
2. Division of districts and appointment of places for the purposes of vaccination.
3. Every adult to present himself to be vaccinated or revaccinated.
4. Every parent or guardian to present child under his care to be vaccinated or revaccinated.
5. Vaccination on estates. superintendent to publish notice given by government medical officer.
6. Obligation of every parent or guardian of a child and of adult on estate.
7. Inspection to ascertain result of vaccination.
8. Penalty for washing out lymph or interfering with vaccine vesicles.
9. Certificate of successful vaccination.
10. Course to be pursued when adult or child is not in a fit state to be vaccinated.
11. Certificate to last for the period specified therein, and to renewed if need be.
12. Director of Health Services to keep register of persons vaccinated.
13. Penalty for breach of provisions of this Ordinance or of regulations made thereunder.
14. Director of Health Services to provide books and forms, and make regulations.
15. Grama seva niladharis to give lists of persons not vaccinated.
16. Police officers, grama seva niladharis, &c. to assist in carrying out of Ordinance.
17. Evidence in prosecutions.
18. Interpretation.