Section No :  
1980 Revised version
Marginal Notes
1. This Ordinance may be cited as the Housing and Town Improvement Ordinance.
2. Interpretation.
3. Application of Ordinance.
4. Powers under Ordinance to be additional to powers conferred by other enactments.
5. No building to be erected without approval of chairman,
6. No alteration without consent of Chairman.
7. No approval or consent to be given except in accordance with law.
8. Requirements by Chairman.
9. Appeal where decision delayed.
10. Notice of commencement or resumption of operations.
11. Inspection of building operations.
12. Proceedings to be taken in respect of building or work commenced contrary to this Chapter.
13. Offences.
14. Suspension of operations pending appeal.
15. Certificate of conformity.
16. Appeal.
17. Power of Chairman to permit erection of buildings, &c, for temporary purposes.
18. Persons desirous of developing property by building to set apart streets and back lanes.
19. All buildings to be erected upon street lines.
20. Notice of intention to lay out new street.
21. Directions by Chairman,
22. Width of street.
23. Appeal where communication of decision delayed.
24. Demarcation of new streets.
25. Offences.
26. Constructing streets.
27. Appeals.
28. By-laws for regulating and preserving character of special areas.[ 4,38 of 1980.]
29. Reservation of public arcades.
30. Buildings at the corners of streets.
31. Minister may appoint Improvement Commissioners.
32. Powers and duties of Board of Improvement Commissioners.
33. By-laws.
34. Acts not invalidated by defect in appointment.
35. Audit and annual report.
36. Definition of "promoters",
37. Modes of carrying out improvement schemes.
38. Power to carry out a scheme in concurrence with property owners.
39. Matters to be provided for by improvement schemes.
40. Types of improvement.
41. General Improvement scheme.
42. Redistribution scheme.
43. Rebuilding scheme.
44. Alternative form of rebuilding scheme.
45. Rehousing scheme.
46. Housing accommodation scheme.
47. Street scheme.
48. Street intersection scheme.
49. Street widening scheme.
50. Back lane scheme.
51. Building scheme.
52. Reclamation scheme.
53. Procedure on completion of schemes.
54. Objections to schemes.
55. Submission of the scheme to the Minister for sanction.
56. Power to sanction or reject improvement scheme.
57. Notification of sanction to an improvement scheme
58. Alteration of improvement scheme after sanction.
59. Power of local authority to use funds for improvement schemes.
60. Power of Chairman of a local authority to refuse consent to building likely to conflict with improvement scheme.
61. Order for delivery of possession of land or building.
62. Transfer to local authority of streets, &c.
63. Effect of schemes on rights and remedies.
64. Representation by health officer.
65. Representation by householders.
66. Consideration of objections.
67. Acquisition of obstructive building.
68. Power of owner to retain site
69. Acquisition of part of building.
70. Apportionment of betterment.
71. Where site retained no other obstructive building to be erected.
72. Site acquired to be kept open.
73. Power to dedicate site for public use.
74. Adaptation of chapter to improvement schemes.
75. Dwelling house includes part of dwelling house.
76. Duty of local authority to inspect district
77. Closing order
78. Directions in closing order,
79. Power to use premises for other purposes
80. Marking of closed premises.
81. Order for demolition.
82. Power of local authority to undertake works at request of owners of dwelling houses and recover expenses.
83. Offences.
84. Acquisition proceedings.
85. Determination of compensation in other cases.
86. Rules for determining compensation.
87. Minister may appoint tribunal of appeal.
88. Where no special tribunal appointment District Court to be a tribunal of appeal.
89. Constitution of tribunal.
90. Duration of office.
91. Removal of members.
92. Vacancies to be supplied.
93. Remuneration of members.
94. Expenses of the tribunal.
95. Enforcement of the decision of the tribunal.
96. Tribunal may late case for the opinion of the Court of Appeal.
97. Procedure of tribunal.
98. Regulations as to procedure and fees.
99. Disposal of fees.
100. Standard of fitness for human occupation.
101. Standard of overcrowding.
102. Buildings in a ruinous and dangerous state.
103. Recovery of charges.
104. Service of notices.
105. Relief against informalities.
106. Protection of officers.
107. Improvement Commissioners and their officers to be held public servants.
108. Enforcement of mandatory order.
109. Prohibition of persons interested from voting.
110. Penalty for Preventing execution of ordinance.
111. Masonry boundary walls, &c.
112. Register of obligations affecting land or buildings.
113. Erection of shelters, roundabouts, &c, by local authority.
114. Default of Chairman,