Section No :  
1980 Revised version
Marginal Notes
1. This Act may be cited as the Registration of Electors Act.
2. Circumstances disqualifying for registration.
3. Qualifying date for determining age.
4. Qualifying date for determining residence.
5. General qualification for electors.
6. Entry or retention of names in register under qualifying addresses,
7. Restriction on plural registration.
8. Appointment of registering officers.
9. Polling divisions and polling districts.
10. Preparation of register.
11. Notice of certification of register to be given.
12. Revision of register.
13. Method of revising register.
14. Claims and objections at revision of register.
15. Appeals to revising officer.
16. Penalty for false statements and wrongful claims.
17. Registering officer to substitute correct qualifying address for incorrect qualifying address.
18. Registering officer to certify the register.
19. Notices by registering and revising officers and adjournments.
20. Notice of certification of register and commencement and period of operation.
21. Compilation and languge of register.
22. Entering of name deleted from register.
23. Registering officer to furnish Commissioner with certain particulars.
24. Powers and duties of the Commissioner.
25. Inaccurate description of persons or places.
26. Publication of notices registers and other documents.
27. Repeals and transitional provisions.
28. Savings.
29. Interpretation.