Section No :  
1980 Revised version
Marginal Notes
1. This Act may be cited as the Air Force Act.
2. Sri Lanka Air Force [ 3, 21 of 1979.]
3. Regular Air Force.
4. Regular Air Force Reserve.
5. Volunteer Air Force.
6. Volunteer Air Force Reserve .
7. Training.
8. Commander of the Air Force.
9. Appointment of officers.
10. Duration of appointments.
11. Resignation.
12. Promotion, transfer, and leave.
13. Enlistment.
14. Original enlistment,and re-engagement.
15. Reckoning and forfeiture of service.
16. Promotion, transfer, discharge, & c.
17. Reduction to rank of airman.
18. Duties of members of Air Force.
19. Active service.
20. Report to Parliament.
21. Prolongation of service in the Air Force.
22. Relations between air and naval and military forces of Sri Lanka acting together.
23. Co-operation with foreign air force.
23A. Performance of certain other duties by members of the Air Force. [ 2, 7 of 1962.]
24. Emoluments of members of the Regular Air Force and of other members of the Air Force who are on active service.
25. Allowances of officers and airmen who are not members of the Regular Air Force and are not on active service.
26. Making and remission of deductions.
27. Penal deductions from the pay due to an officer. [ 2, 33 of 1962.]
28. Penal deductions from the pay due to an airman.
29. Pensions and gratuities.
30. Assignment, seizure, or sequestration of pay allowance, pension, or gratuity.
31. Maintenance of wife and children.
32. Grievances of officers.
33. Grievances of airmen.
34. Meaning of " person subject to this Act.
35. Persons liable to air-force custody.
36. Persons who mayorder air-force custody.
37. Custodians.
38. Statement of offence.
39. Air-force custody of officer or airman not on active service.
40. Commanding officer's powers in regard to an accused.
41. Delegation of commanding officer's power to deal summarily accused airman.
42. Summary trial of accused is an officer of a rank below that of Wing Commander or is a warrant officer.
43. Summary trial of accused who is an airman other than a warrant officer.
44. Manner of taking evidence at summary trial.
45. Three kinds of courts martial.
46. General court martial.
47. Jurisdiction of general court martial.
48. Field general court martial.
49. Jurisdiction of field general court martial.
50. District court martial.
51. Jurisdiction of district court martial.
52. Courts martial in general.
53. Appointment of Judge-Advocate.
54. Powers and duties of Judge-Advocate.
55. Oath or affirmation.
56. Time-limit.
57. Trial of offenders who have ceased to be subject to this Act.
58. Effect of acquittal or conviction of an offence.
59. Place of trial.
60. Objections by accused to members of court martial
61. Procedure.
62. When offence proved is included in offence charged.
63. Conviction and sentence not valid till confirmation.
64. Authorities empowered to confirm convictions and sentences.
65. Powers of confirming authority.
66. Revision of conviction and sentence on reference to court martial.
67. Revision of sentence which has been confirmed.
68. Suspension and remission of sentence of imprisonment or detention passed on an airman.
69. Commencement of sentence.
70. Execution of sentence of imprisonment.
71. Execution of sentence of detention.
72. Summoning and privilege of witnesses at courts martial.
73. Counsel at court martial.
74. Accused who is of unsound mind.
75. Right of person tried by court martial to copy of proceedings,
76. Preservation of records of proceedings of court martial.
77. Jurisdiction of civil court not affected by this act.
78. Delivery of air-force offenders to the civil power.
79. Issue of writs by Court of Appeal.
80. Actions against persons for acts done under this Act.
81. Rules of evidence.
82. Application of sections 83 to 93.
83. Proof of answers given by a person on enlistment or re-engagement as an airman.
84. Proof of enlistment.
85. Letters, returns, or other documents respecting service.
86. Copies of regulations and orders printed by Government Printer.
87. Air Force list or gazette.
88. Orders made under this Act by air-force authorities.
89. Record made in a service book.
90. Descriptive return.
91. Certificate regarding alleged deserter or absentee without leave.
92. Certificate regarding arrest or surrender of officer or airman outside Sri Lanka.
93. Copy of proceedings of court martial.
94. Evidence of conviction or auquittal by civil court.
95. Offences in relation to the enemy punishable with death.
96. Offences in relation to the enemy not punishable with death.
97. Offences punishable more severely on active service than at other times.
98. Mutiny and sedition.
99. Striking or threatening superior officers.
100. Disobedience to superior officers.
101. Insubordination.
102. Neglect to obey general or other orders.
103. Desertion.
104. Fraudulent enlistment.
105. Assistance of or connivance at desertion.
106. Absence from duty without leave.
107. Scandalous conduct of officer.
108. Fraud by person in charge of property
109. Disgraceful conduct.
110. Drunkenness.
111. Permitting escape of person in custody.
112. Irregular arrest or confinement.
113. Escape from confinement.
114. Corrupt dealings in respect of supplies to the Air Force.
115. Deficiency in and injury to equipment.
116. Falsifying official documents;and false declarations.
117. Neglect to report, and signing in blank.
118. False accusation or false statement.
119. Offences in relation to courts martial.
120. False evidence.
121. Enlistment of airman, sailor or soldier discharged with disgrace.
122. False answers on enlistment.
123. General offences in offences in relation to enlistment.
124. Traitorous words.
125. Injurious disclosures.
126. Ill-treating airman.
127. Duelling and attempting to commit suicide.
128. Refusal to deliver to civil court officers and airmen accused of civil offences.
129. Conduct prejudicial to air-force discipline.
130. Illegal gratification in connexion with appointment or promotion.
131. Treason, murder culpable homicide not amounting to murder, and rape.
132. Any civil offence not mentioned in section 131.
133. Scale of punishments by courts martial.
134. Special provisions in regard to punishments by courts martial
135. Unlawful recruiting.
136. False answers by applicants for enlistment.
137. Pretending to be a deserter.
138. Inducing or assisting officers or airmen to desert or absent themselves without leave.
139. Interference with air-force duties.
140. Illegal gratification to persons not subject to this Act in respect of appointments or promotions in the Air Force.
141. Purchase of service necessaries,equipment, stores. & c.
142. Unlawful possession of air-force certificates, & c
143. Unauthorized use of decorations, & c.
144. Obligations of employers.
145. Misconduct of civilian witness at court martial.
146. False evidence by civilian witness at, and contempt of civilian towards, court martial.
147. Unauthorized training.
148. Inquiry into absence of airman.
149. Confession by airman of desertion or fraudulent enlistment.
150. Arrest of deserters and absentees without leave.
151. Committal, removal, release, & c., of air-force prisoner or airman undergoing detention.
152. Air-force prisoners in civil prisons.
153. Duty of superintendent of any prison.
154. Establishment and regulation of air-force prisons and detention barracks.
155. Regulations.
156. Vesting of property of the Air Force in the Commander of the Air Force.
157. Power as to restitution of stolen property.
158. Exercise of powers vested in holder of air-force office
159. Provisions as to warrants and orders of air-force authorities.
160. Members of any foreign Air Force attached to the Air Force of Sri Lanka.
161. Interpretation.