Section No :  
1980 Revised version
Marginal Notes
1. This Act may be cited as the Official Secrets Act.
2. Declaration of prohibited places.
3. Entry into Prohibited places.
4. Resistance to or interference with sentries.
5. Possession of cameras, &c, in prohibited places.
6. Spying.
7. Communication of official secret ,&c., to unauthorized persons.
8. Receving unauthorized communication of official secret, &c.
9. Conduct endangering safety of official secret &c.
10. Unauthorized use of uniforms, false declarations, forgery personation and forged documents.
11. Power to require the production of telegrams.
12. Duty to give information.
13. Harbouring offenders or intending offenders.
14. Attempts, incitements, &c.
15. Permits.
16. Power to search offenders or suspects and seize photographs, &c.
17. Search warrant to look for and seize photographs, &c.
18. Disposal of photographs, &c., seized or produced.
19. Power to arrest.
20. Search warrants.
21. Manner of making arrests, searches, &c.
22. Restriction on prosecution.
23. Venue.
24. Exclusion of public from hearing of cases.
25. Offences by companies, firms, &c.
26. Penalties.
27. Interpretation.