Section No :  
1980 Revised version
Marginal Notes
1. This Ordinance may be cited as the Adoption of Children Ordinance.
2. Power to make adoption orders.
3. Restrictions on making of adoption orders.
4. Matters with respect to which court must be satisfied.
5. Terms and conditions of adoption order.
6. Effect of adoption order.
7. Power to make interim orders.
8. Provisions as to existing de facto adoptions.
9. Power to make subsequent orders in respect of children already adopted.
10. Adoption Register
10A. Quarterly return.[4, Law 6 of 1977.]
10B. Re-registration of the birth of an adopted child.
11. Adoption Register not open for public inspection or search. [ 5, Law 6 of 1977.]
12. Books, &c.
13. Jurisdiction, procedure, &c.
14. Restriction on payment.
15. Savings as to marriage law.
16. Savings for adoption under Kandyan law or Tesawalamai.
16A. Replacement of damaged or lost entries in the Adoption Register. [ 6, Law 6 of 1977.]
16B. Regulations. [ 6, Law 6 of 1977.]
17. Interpretation of Part I.
18. Registration of persons having custody of children on appointed date.
19. Registration as custodians of persons taking children into their custody.
20. Protected persons.
21. Duties of registered custodians. [4,54 of 1943.]
22. Special provisions as to accounts opened under section 21, [5,54 of 1943.]
23. Visits, inspections, &c.
24. Law relating to domestic servants not to apply to protected persons.
25. Savings for rights of parents.
26. Register of protected persons.
27. Offences and penalties.
28. Regulations.
29. Application of Part II.
30. Interpretation of Part II.