Section No :  
1980 Revised version
Marginal Notes
1. This Law may be cited as the Apartment Ownership Law.
2. Application of Law.
3. Application for registration of Condominium Plans.
4. Instrument affecting land.
5. Condominium Plan.
6. Registration of Condominium Plans and Plans of redivision or amalgamation and appeals against refusals.
7. Volumes and registers kept by the Registrar under this Law.
8. Amendment of registered Condominium plans and Plans of redivision or amalgamation.
9. Effect of registration of Condominium plan.
10. Registration of deed or instrument affecting a unit.
11. Shares in common elements of the Property.
12. Redivision or amalgamation of units.
13. Servitudes.
14. Ancillary rights and obligations implied.
15. Management, &c, by Common Amenities Board.
16. Owners of units may form themselves into associations.
17. Board may transfer the control, maintenance, &c, of common elements to owners of units.
18. Insurance.
19. Duties of owners and occupiers.
20. Termination of Condominium.
21. Offences and penalties.
23. Provisions of Partition Law not to apply in certain cases.
24. Regulations.
25. This Law to prevail over other law.
26. Interpretation.