Section No :  
1980 Revised version
Marginal Notes
1. This Ordinance may be cited as the Riot Damages Ordinance.
2. Interpretation.
3. Provision of compensation for damage by riots.
4. Minister may appoint Commissioners.
5. Duties of Commissioners.
6. Powers of Commissioners.
7. Notice of assessment.
8. Limit of time for claims for assessment.
9. Notice of adverse claims.
10. Assessment to be conclusive.
11. Riot areas.
12. Power of Minister.
13. Apportionment among administrative divisions.
14. Amount of apportionment to be a charge on the administrative division.
15. Allotment among persons liable.
16. Method of allotment.
17. Exemptions and modifications.
18. Publication of notice of allotment.
19. Conclusive-ness of lists.
20. Supplementary allotment.
21. Commutation of liability by the performance of labour.
22. Recovery of amounts allotted.
23. Alternative method of enforcement
24. Power of village to discharge liability by money payment or bond.
25. Substitution of allotment under Ordinance.
26. Riot Damages Fund.
27. Payment of compensation.
28. Subsequent claims barred.
29. Special provisions for Municipalities.
30. Appointment of Commissioners.
31. Amount of assessment to be a charge upon Municipal revenue.
32. Municipal Council may frame scheme.
33. Power to borrow.
34. Rate to be Municipal rate.
35. Action claimants for compensation.
36. Adverse claims.
37. Exemptions.
38. Power to special police force.
39. Status of Commissioners
40. Protection of Commissioners.