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1980 Revised version
Marginal Notes
1. This Act may be cited as the Homoeopathy Act.
2. Establishment of Homoeopathic council.
3. Constitution of the Council.
4. Disqualifcation for membership of the Council.
5. Notice of intention to appoint the first members of the Council.
6. Appointment of members in the event of default in election.
7. Notification in the Gazette of the appointment or election of members.
8. Term of office of members.
9. Vacation of office by members.
10. Filling of vacancies.
11. Removal of members from office.
12. The Council to be subject to The geneal or special directions of the Minister.
13. Procedure of the Council.
14. Quorum.
15. Presiding authority at meetings of the Council.
16. Proceedings of the Council
17. Minutes of proceedings.
18. Remuneration for attendance at meetings of the Council.
19. Delegation of powers, functions and duties of the Council to committees.
20. Registrar and other officers and servants of the Council.
21. Common seal of the Council.
22. Objects of the Council.
23. Powers of the Council.
24. Regulation of the manner in which objects, &c, of the Council are to be carried out.
25. Registers.
26. Application for registration as homoeopathic practitioners.
27. Qualifications for registration as homoeopathic practitioners.
28. Grounds on which registration maybe refused, cancelled or suspended.
29. Service of copies of orders made by the council.
30. Effect of orders by the Council and duty of the registrar to give effect to such orders.
31. Registration fee and annual fee.
32. Certificate of registration.
33. Appeals.
34. Meaning of " legally or duly qualified practitioner of homoeopathy ".
35. Privileges of Registered Homoeopathic Practitioners.
36. Disabilities of unregistered homoeopathic practitioners.
37. Pretence to be a Registered Homoeopathic Practitioner, or practising for gain as a homoeopathic practitioner when not registered, to be an offence.
38. Qualified medical practitioners.
39. Homoeopathic Fund.
40. Accounts of the Council.
41. Annual report.
42. Exemption of Registered Homoeopathic Practitioners from certain duties
43. Conferring,granting or issuing of diplomas, &c.,by authorized persons.
44. Contravention of regulations an offence.
45. Offences in relation to recognized homoeopathic institutions.
46. Punishment for offences under this Act.
47. Regulations.
48. Medical Ordinance not to apply to Registered Homoeopathic Practitioners.
49. Sanction for prosecutions.
50. Interpretation.