Section No :  
1980 Revised version
Marginal Notes
1. This Ordinance may be cited as the Registration of Documents Ordinance.
2. Land registries.
3. Definition of " land ".
4. Duplicates to be transmitted to Registrar.
5. Registrar to Bill all duplicates.
6. Meaning of "instrument".
7. Unregistered instruments void against commencement registered instruments.
8. Meaning of "affecting land".
9. Registration of notice of seizure.
10. Will when defeated by conveyance by heir.
11. Registrationof lis pendens.
12. Books for registration of instruments affecting land.
13. Mode of description of lands in instruments.
14. Instruments to be registered in proper folio. [ 2, Law 14 of 1974.]
15. Method of registration.
16. Meaning of "bill of sale".
17. Pledge, mortgage or bill of sale ineffectual unless property delivered or instrument registered.
18. Transfer or assignment of pledges, mortgages or bills of sale to be also by deed and registered.
19. Saving of registrations under earlier ordinances.
20. Pledges, mortgages or bills of sale of after-acquired property.
21. Books for registration of pledges, mortgages or bills of sale.
22. Method of registration.
23. Assurance or mortgage of land in same instrument not affected by preceding provisions.
24. Non- application of chapter to certain documents.
25. Meaning of "instrument".
26. Who may present instrument for registration.
27. Day book.
28. Return of instruments.
29. Land or movable property situated in several districts.
30. Priority notices.
31. Seizure priority notices.
32. Caveats.
33. Cancellation of priority notices, seizure notices, seizure priority notices, caveats, and lis pendens.
34. Damages for unreasonable priority notice, seizure priority notice, caveat, or /is pendens.
35. Correction of errors.
36. Grounds for refusing to register an instrument.
37. Reasons for refusal to be recorded.
38. Appeals against refusal.
39. Power for District Court to cancel registration.
40. Copies of damaged or illegible volumes or parts thereof.[5,22 of 1958.]
41. Indexes.
42. Searches and copies.
43. Evidence.
44. Destruction of priority notices, &c, after expiry of registration.
45. Indemnity of Registrars.
46. Costs in suits against Registrar-General.
47. Defect in appointment of to Registrars or procedure.
48. Fees.
49. Power to make regulations.
50. Forms.