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Acts & Ordinances
Marginal Notes
1. This Act may be cited as the Kelaniya Buddhist Women's Charitable Society (Incorporation) Act, No. 30 of 2024.
2. Incorporation of the Kelaniya Buddhist Women's Charitable Society
3. General objects of the body corporate
4. Body corporate to ensure no conflict with work of Ministry or Department of the Government or any Provincial Council
5. Management of the affairs of the body corporate
6. Powers of the body corporate
7. Rules of the body corporate
8. Register of members
9. Fund of the body corporate
10. Accounts and Auditing
11. Annual Report
12. Debts due by and payable to the Society.
13. Body corporate may hold property movable and immovable
14. Application of moneys and property
15. Seal of the body corporate
16. Property remaining on dissolution
17. Saving of the rights of the Republic
18. Sinhala text to prevail in case of inconsistency