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Acts & Ordinances
Marginal Notes
1. Short title and date of operation
2. Establishment of the National Hydrographic Office
3. Objects of the Office
4. Powers, duties and functions of the Office
5. Administration and management of the Office vested in the Council
6. Constitution of the Council
7. Chairperson of the Council
8. Disqualifications from being a member of the Council
9. Term of office
10. Resignation and removal
11. Quorum and meetings of the Council
12. Acts or proceedings of the Council deemed not to be invalid by reason of any vacancy
13. Remuneration of the members of the Council
14. Seal, logo and flag of the Office
15. Appointment of the National Hydrographer of the Office
16. Staff of the Office
17. Hydrographic Surveyors or Nautical Cartographers to register under this Act
18. Application for registration as a Hydrographic Surveyor or a Nautical Cartographer
19. Duration of a registration
20. Renewal of Certificate of Registration
21. Refusal to register or renew a Cerificate of Registration
22. Use of abbreviated designations
23. Cancellation or suspension of a registration
24. Appeals
25. Appeals Board
26. Inquiry by Complaints Resolution Committee
27. Fund of the Office
28. Financial year and audit of accounts
29. Delegation of the powers of the Council
30. Protection for action taken under this Act
31. Duty to maintain Secrecy
32. Database
33. Duplicates
34. Authenticity of nautical charts & etc.
35. Interference with survey marks
36. Power to access any place
37. Vessels of the hydrographic servey fleet
38. Registers to be kept by the Office
39. State property both movable and immovable be made available to the Office
40. Penalties for cotraventions for which no spesific provisions have been made
41. Provision regarding prosecution
42. Office deemed to be a Scheduled Institution within the meaning of the Anti-Corruption Act
43. Members, National Hydrographer, officers and employees of the Office deemed to be public servants
44. Directions of the Minister
45. Provisions of this Act to prevail over other written law
46. Regulations
47. Rules
48. Interpretation
49. Sinhala text to prevail in case of inconsistency