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Marginal Notes
1. This Act may be cited as the Online Safety Act, No. 9 of 2024.
2. Application of the Act
3. Objectives of the Act
4. Establishment of the Online Safety Commission
5. Appointment of the members of the Commission
6. Disqualification for being appointed as a member
7. Resignation, removal and term of office of members of the Commission
8. Chairman of the Commission
9. Meetings of the Commission
10. Seal of the Commission
11. Powers and functions of the Commission
12. Prohibition of communication of false statements in Sri Lanka
13. Communication of false statement amounting to contempt
14. Wantonly giving provocation by false statement to cause riot
15. Disturbing a religious assembly by a false statement
16. Deliberate and malicious communication of false statement to outrage religious feelings
17. Online cheating
18. Online cheating by personation
19. Circulating false report with intent to cause mutiny or an offence against the State, & c.
20. Communicating statements to cause harassment & c.
21. Child abuse & c.
22. Making or altering bots to commit an offence
23. Providing information to the Commission on communication of prohibited statement
24. Applying for a court order to prevent circulation of prohibited statements
25. Disclosure of identity information
26. Aggrieved person to seek disclosure of identity information
27. Exemption from liability of internet service providers in certain cases
28. Declared online locations
29. Certain persons not to communicate in Sri Lanka, paid content on declared online locations, & c.
30. Prohibition on deriving benefits from operating a declared online location
31. Prohibition on providing financial support to declared online locations
32. Counteracting inauthentic online accounts and coordinated inauthentic behaviour
33. Appointment of experts to assist investigations
34. Duty to assist investigations
35. Powers of search and seizure with warrant
36. Fund of the Commission
37. Audit of accounts
38. Provisions of the Code of Criminal Procedure Act to apply
39. Jurisdiction
40. Attempt to commit an offence
41. Abetment of an offence
42. Conspiring to commit an offence
43. Offences under this Act to be non-cognizable and bailable
44. Offences by body of persons
45. Protection from action
46. Annual reports of the Commission
47. Members and staff of the Commission deemed to be public servants
48. Commission deemed to be a scheduled institution for the purpose of the AntiCorruption Act
49. Commission to make rules
50. Regulations
51. This Act to prevail over other written law
52. Interpretation
53. Sinhala text to prevail in case of inconsistency